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The Dark Knight Rises, and So Do I: A Movie Review

It has been a while since I’ve touched this blog. I’d say I was busy, but in truth I didn’t have much that I wanted to go to the trouble of saying. However, I just returned from my showing of TDKR, and I have a lot of things to say about it. From here on, there are SPOILERS, and I really think you should just go see the movie yourself before reading this. Also, I’m not going to say anything about the terrible real-life tragedy aside from offering my condolences. This blog is not serious enough to discuss a topic like that.

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Movie: The Avengers

Despite being an all-purpose nerd, I have never really been a patron of comic books. I know the heroes, I play the games and watch the movies, but the number of actual comics I’ve read in my life can be counted using only one hand. I think this is a situation that many people can relate to today; comic books span many decades and often it is impossible to really learn everything about a hero or setting. For this reason, I mostly stick to the recent developments in movies and TV series. That said, I’ve been waiting for this movie with great anticipation ever since we found out that Marvel was making all of these movies (Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America) for the express purpose of remaking the Avengers team for modern day audiences. The result was this movie. And it is phenomenal.

The Avengers is the ultimate superhero team movie. You can forget Fantastic 4, and probably even X-Men 2. This is about these heroes coalescing into a team, and it showcases their different personalities and motivations. Honestly, it’s less about fighting (although there is a ton of great fighting) and more about these characters, and exploring how they would act in different situations. Most of the time, I thought of it as more of a character study filled with action, rather than a superhero movie with believable dialogue. In fact, even though the plot is very simple, I thought the writing was top-notch, far better than you’d expect from a comic book movie, and indeed better than most action movies in general. For me to go into more detail requires spoilers, so from here down are spoilers. If you read all of this without seeing the movie, you will do yourself a great disservice, and you should watch it first. Read the rest of this entry

Movie: The Hunger Games

Today I wanted to talk about a movie instead of video games, so take this as your cue to leave if you don’t care.

The Hunger Games is a phenomenon that I was unaware of until last week. Suddenly every person I know started talking about going to the midnight showing, or re-reading all the books, and asking me if I wanted to go see it. I usually need a bit of background before I go see a movie, I’m not too keen on wasting ~$10 and 2 hours on seeing something that I don’t care about. My friends gave me a quick synopsis, and I resisted the urge to denounce it immediately as a Battle Royale/Running Man ripoff. Really, most of what I gathered is that Hunger Games is to today’s youth as Harry Potter was to mine. Also, there are spoilers past this. Read the rest of this entry