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Nintento, fix your online play

I meant to do a Super Paper Mario post today, but that will have to wait, because I need to take a moment to talk about something far more important.

Nintendo is horrible at allowing people to play online, and its getting ridiculous. What do I mean? I mean that it’s always a huge freaking hassle to get anything done. Whenever I want to trade or battle Pokemon, I need to connect, wait, find an opponent, wait, battle or trade very slowly, wait some more, and possibly get disconnected. Mario Kart Wii and MK7 are pretty bad too. You have to get online, look for a game, wait, see everyone’s pictures (as if you care), wait, everyone votes on a track, wait, load the track, PLAY IT, wait for everyone to finish, see new ranks, pick a new map, etc. This is stuff that needs to be streamlined. PC games figured this out over a decade ago, and Microsoft Live makes Nintendo look like a joke, and it was started back when I was in High School!

Almost every game these days has some kind of online functionality, but Nintendo keeps dropping the ball. I know they try to keep things anonymous and friendly, but not allowing any real communication (text OR voice) in pretty much any online experience seriously hamstrings any hope of cooperation. There’s tons and tons of casual WII and DS examples like Brawl, Mario Party, and Wii Sports, etc. that millions of people play every day, there’s definitely some advantages to working on this stuff. Things like requiring friend codes to even see another person online are just bad design ideas.

The reason I’m talking about this is because I tried to raise my MK7 rankings by racing a lot today, but eventually the slog got to me and quit. It wasn’t that I couldn’t win the races (I’m still low ranked with all the newbies), it’s that I spent as much time racing as I did just trying to get a game! I love Nintendo for a lot of reasons, but online play is their weakness, and in today’s market, that’s a bad thing. Nintendo, please, get your act together. Sorry for the rant, we’ll be back on track Wednesday.


A Look Back – Team Fortress Classic

Team Fortress Classic is the direct predecessor to TF2, released in 1999. It was, in fact, made by the same people, and in many ways does inform the setting and gameplay of TF2. However, and I do not say this lightly about a game, TFC was terrible. I don’t mean that it was terrible in a way that relates to the actual game’s intent, though, or any facts about the thought process that went in to making the game. No, it was a competent team-based game, one of the first FPS games to have different classes, and had graphics that were on-par with the time, if that matters to you. TFC was terrible because of what it did to competitive gaming, and it will continue to be a terrible memory for all of history, until humanity purges all traces of it from its collective knowledge. TFC represents an aspect of online play that I despise.

I’ve gotten ahead of myself, though. Let’s start over. Forget that stuff for now. Read the rest of this entry