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Let’s Deconstruct Super Paper Mario – Part 4

Let’s get back on SPM, it was a nice break from the topic but now it’s time to look at even more of this decidedly strange game.

We’ve obtained a 3rd Pure Heart, and the villains look pretty silly now. Dimentio is sent by Count Bleck to deal with Mario and co., and we find out that O’Chunks had to write 1000 pages about his failure. Now THAT’S villainous, torture by forced writing! Mimi isn’t around to apologize for failing, maybe she died. Bleck postures about how strong he is for a bit, and how good it will be to destroy the world, and says something about his heart suffering. His sadness isn’t explained yet.

We go to Luigi, who appears to be in the same place Peach was last chapter. He meets two Goombas, and expresses concern for their well-being, even though he regularly squashes them flat. Also these particular Goombas are jerks.

Even this tiny bit of concern is totally unwarranted.

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Let’s Deconstruct Super Paper Mario – Part 3

So last time, we finally got to fight the villains a bit, adventure, and get our first Pure Heart (that required effort). Mario headed back to Flipside, and we are treated to another villain interlude! Maybe this time we’ll actually learn more about their plans.

That's some serious villainy there, giving homework.

So O’Chunks is back from his pathetic failure against Mario, and is begging for forgiveness. Count Bleck, ever the forward thinker, decides that Mario is a real threat, and decides to set a trap for him at the next Pure Heart. Evidently, the prophecy that named Mario as the hero also completely lines out his entire adventure and the order in which he will gain the hearts, so if the villains manage to LOSE, they have no one to blame but themselves. Mimi is sent, apparently she has magic powers from Bleck. Again, they don’t all go gang up on Mario, but at least this time we see that Bleck and Nastasha have some business. Bleck declares that he has to go somewhere and do something (and that’s all we get), and Nastasha goes to subdue some of Bowser’s minions, who are still hanging around since the wedding. Why doesn’t she take a minute to go mind control Mario? Read the rest of this entry

Let’s Deconstruct Super Paper Mario – Part 2

So after receiving our quest and hearing from our villains, we set off through the dimensional door to go find the second Pure Heart. Every chapter of this game is divided into specific sections, with title cards like “1-1”, another reference to the original Mario games. In fact, everything about this first area should remind you of the original Mario games, because it’s a direct homage to them. Even the music is a jaunty (if disjointed) remix of the classic Mario theme.

The line between paying homage to and ripping off classic Nintendo games blurs more each day.

Upon entering this chapter, Tippi tell you that you can point the Wiimote at the screen to have her examine and describe objects and people, and even reveal hidden objects and doors.  So far, this is the only use of the motion controls, but it’s not a bad mechanic. It’s a little forced in this first chapter, maybe, because while there are several hidden doors, I’m willing to bet that there’s a lot less invisible things in later chapters. I don’t remember, but I’ll try to keep track. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s Deconstruct Super Paper Mario – Part 1

Super Paper Mario is the latest installment in the series, and is very different from the other two entries. “Wildly divergent from the formula” is an understatement, and the fanbase is divided over the quality of this game. I had a lot to say about this game when I first played it, but that was two years ago, so I need a refresher. In these deconstruction posts, I’m going to take you through the game as I play it again for the first time, and tell you what’s good, what’s bad, what’s new, and what is old. The game is divided into chapters, so I’ll try to do a chapter each post. Today is just the opening, which is exposition-heavy. Read the rest of this entry