Summer Games Done Quick 2015!

Summer Games Done Quick 2015 started yesterday, so I won’t be productive at all this week. If you don’t know what that means, SGDQ and its winter counterpart, Awesome Games Done Quick, are annual video game speedrunning charity marathons. Speedrunners come from all over the country to participate in these week-long events, sometimes even running more than just one game. The audience can donate and comment on the events at any time, and there’s a lot of fun donation incentives (like donating for a 100% run of a game, donating to name the main character, donating to join a raffle for a PS4, etc.) and all the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. If you like watching people show off their skill and knowledge to beat video games very quickly, this is the stream to watch.

I don’t really watch speedruns most of the year; I watch these events for the interesting commentary and explanations, and also for the entertaining banter amongst the players. I love to hear the crazy explanations for why you can clip through a wall somewhere or skip a cutscene. I get to learn things about the design and mechanics of games I’ve played all my life (like Link to the Past), and I get to see games I’ve never heard of before (like Ninja Baseball Bat Man). As long as the commentary is even a little interesting, I’ll try to watch. Here’s a link to the schedule if you want to catch a specific run.

I look forward to these events, but sometimes work or sleep can get in the way of watching certain runs. If you missed something you want to see, here’s a link to a Reddit thread that constantly updates with links to the VoDs! I can barely stay awake past 1AM, even with the help of energy drinks and food, so I usually go back after the event ends to see some of the runs.

You don’t need to donate to SGDQ, but I highly recommend you watch at least one run. It’s a great event that makes no apologies for its deep love of the technical aspects of playing video games. It’s for nerds, but anyone who has ever played any game can appreciate it. It’s also usually kept fairly clean to appeal to a broad audience. Hopefully you can find something to enjoy about it too! Thanks for reading!


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