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Diablo 3 week!

Diablo 3 launches tonight at midnight! Well, 2 AM for me, but I’m going to be up for it anyways. I’ve got a group lined up and ready to go, and we’re going to have fun and power through. I plan to post about my experiences in the game this week, and I’m really excited to tell you all about a game that I expect to be great! I don’t have much to say now except that I hope you will also be joining in on the fun.


The Snarl

I’ve been a gamer for over two decades, and I’ve lived in the same place for all that time. So when I look behind my TV with all my consoles (6 of them) hooked up to it, I see something akin to this:

Only a slight exaggeration.

Honestly this is the best argument for just being a PC-exclusive gamer. I’m attempting to move all this nonsense to a different house, but I’m dreading having to untangle it all. I know making this sort of observation isn’t new or fresh, but you’d think that in our space-age, 2012 world, we’d have less mundane problems with too many wires. Anyways, because of my moving situation, I’ll be making short posts like this one for a few days.

Movie: The Avengers

Despite being an all-purpose nerd, I have never really been a patron of comic books. I know the heroes, I play the games and watch the movies, but the number of actual comics I’ve read in my life can be counted using only one hand. I think this is a situation that many people can relate to today; comic books span many decades and often it is impossible to really learn everything about a hero or setting. For this reason, I mostly stick to the recent developments in movies and TV series. That said, I’ve been waiting for this movie with great anticipation ever since we found out that Marvel was making all of these movies (Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America) for the express purpose of remaking the Avengers team for modern day audiences. The result was this movie. And it is phenomenal.

The Avengers is the ultimate superhero team movie. You can forget Fantastic 4, and probably even X-Men 2. This is about these heroes coalescing into a team, and it showcases their different personalities and motivations. Honestly, it’s less about fighting (although there is a ton of great fighting) and more about these characters, and exploring how they would act in different situations. Most of the time, I thought of it as more of a character study filled with action, rather than a superhero movie with believable dialogue. In fact, even though the plot is very simple, I thought the writing was top-notch, far better than you’d expect from a comic book movie, and indeed better than most action movies in general. For me to go into more detail requires spoilers, so from here down are spoilers. If you read all of this without seeing the movie, you will do yourself a great disservice, and you should watch it first. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s Deconstruct Super Paper Mario – Part 4

Let’s get back on SPM, it was a nice break from the topic but now it’s time to look at even more of this decidedly strange game.

We’ve obtained a 3rd Pure Heart, and the villains look pretty silly now. Dimentio is sent by Count Bleck to deal with Mario and co., and we find out that O’Chunks had to write 1000 pages about his failure. Now THAT’S villainous, torture by forced writing! Mimi isn’t around to apologize for failing, maybe she died. Bleck postures about how strong he is for a bit, and how good it will be to destroy the world, and says something about his heart suffering. His sadness isn’t explained yet.

We go to Luigi, who appears to be in the same place Peach was last chapter. He meets two Goombas, and expresses concern for their well-being, even though he regularly squashes them flat. Also these particular Goombas are jerks.

Even this tiny bit of concern is totally unwarranted.

Read the rest of this entry

Video games are the best on sick days

When you were a kid, did you ever pretend to be sick to miss school, stay home, and play video games? I know I did. I can very distinctly recall doing this to make progress on Link to the Past and Pilotwings, and a lot of other SNES games as well (the only console I had as a child was my SNES). Honestly, it’s fun to play those games, but even better when you know you’re missing school. This tradition continues for most adults as well, I’m sure. I have many friends who I know have called in sick from their jobs on the same day to have LAN parties and 3-day weekend marathons, and I personally did this for the first day of World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion. It’s pretty much a time-honored tradition among many gamers to do this on the release of anticipated games.

Skipping to finish this one was a no-brainer.

What games have you called in sick to play? Were they worth it? I’ve had games that I wanted to play and progress and see what happens, and to do so I’ve skipped classes and put off work. I did this when I was playing through Borderlands the first time, but it turned out to not be worth the trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the game, but it certainly didn’t merit missing a class.

To me, gaming is always about enjoyment and escapism. I’m sure it’s the same for almost everyone else, and I know that I relax best when I think everything can wait a couple more hours/days/weeks. When I missed school to play these things, I did it to get away from responsibilities for a bit and just play the game. I like to turn my brain off when I’m gaming. To me, putting everything off for that day and just playing the game was the ultimate form of escapism, and still is. It isn’t smart or healthy to do often, but everyone needs a break once in a while.

So what I’m getting at here is that even though I know this was a stupid stunt to pull as a child, teenager, and college student, I still look back on those days fondly, because they were really fun. The freedom, the shirking of priorities, and the self-indulgence, I enjoyed that stuff even when I actually WAS ill. There’s a reason is have never thought of a “sick day” as a bad thing, even though the person is…well…sick. It’s a weird connotation to make, I know. Long live the trivial sick day.