A Momentous Occasion!

Hello there! Welcome, everyone who has made the (no doubt) life-altering decision to visit my new gaming blog! I’m your host, Matthew, and I want to tell you about what happens here. You see, I’m a gamer who wants to talk about details that most people don’t care about, and spend far more time than could ever be necessary on the small glimmers of originality that I see in the things I try! I want to touch on broad, obvious issues, but then delve into the minutiae, in an effort to find things that we all can enjoy discussing!

Please, don’t leave just yet! I follow the trend of not giving scores in anything I review; in my mind the only true way for me to rate anything is to discuss it, and then finally give my opinion, but I don’t think opinions can be rated numerically in any way that matters.

It is my hope that we can all find something to relate to, even as our other ideas diverge so sharply as to be mistaken for trains speeding in opposite directions, as if both are hopelessly involved in a stereotypical math equation that has no answer, and end up speeding out of control, but in the end, no one crashes. Yes, this metaphor avoided disaster, hopefully future ones will too, though I make no promises.

This blog’s name is sarcastic, but it does not reflect how I feel about the gaming experience as a whole, only as a majority. I actually do intend to be as upbeat as possible, because who wants to read a blog that brings them down? However, that doesn’t preclude the occasional angry or cynical observation, as long as I can make it entertaining, relate-able, or interesting for you, dear reader(s)!

It is my intent to update this blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in an effort to give myself enough time to procrastinate before writing. My plan is to pick a game to review on Monday, and then compare it to an old game on Wednesday, and a recent or even new game on Friday. I appreciate all feedback, and will make my special inaugural review post tomorrow by reviewing a relatively recent game that I enjoyed, Bastion! I hope to make it a memorable first in a long chain of reviews.

So welcome! Welcome to GrindQuest! It’s nicer here.



Disaster! I spoke too soon. (Solve for X.)


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